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- Kurt Vonnegut


- Education in theatre


- Amazing Grace


- Elle Macpherson


When we think of the theatre, most of us think about good entertainment. But can going to the theatre also be an educational experience?

Actress Pauline Moran shares her own opinions as she talks about her role as 'Jennifer' in a South African play called "Bones".

Before you listen to the programme, look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: In the play, Jennifer isn't a very nice person, so why does the audience feel sorry for her?
2: Which noun does Pauline use to describe Pieter's cruel, shocking actions?
3: What does Pauline mean when she says that young people have a very 'superficial knowledge' of South Africa's history?
4: If you 'raise awareness' of an issue, what do you do?


Vocabulary from the programme

a victim
someone who has been caused hurt or injury by someone else's actions

a loveless marriage
when a husband and wife don't love each other

to be loyal
to be faithful, supportive and take someone's side in an argument or in difficult situation

saw something as it happened

forgiven, especially after doing a good deed

when someone tells the truth about something bad they've done or tells the truth about how they feel

to lay bare all the facts
to tell the entire truth, not leaving out any of the details

Try the comprehension questions
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