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- Penelope Cruz - Volver


- 15 years of the World Wide Web

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15 years of the World Wide Web
Today, we join in celebrations for the 15th birthday of the World Wide Web.
The World Wide Web has changed the lifestyle and working environment of people all over the world. In this programme, we listen to a short interview with futurologist Ian Pearson about how the internet has changed our lives.

Penelope Cruz
We listen to the words of a movie star as we hear parts of an interview with actress Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz recently won an award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the Spanish language film, Volver. Volver is directed by Pedro Almodovar, whom Penelope Cruz has worked with before on other films. In this programme, we find out about Penelope Cruz's new movie, what she likes about working with Pedro Almodovar and what kind of film she'd like to make next.
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