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 Entertainment archives: 2005/6 2007  


- London Film Festival


- Cambridgeshire


- Maggie Gyllenhaal


- Countryside


- Da Vinci Exhibition


In October, we published the following features:

London Film Festival
In this edition of Entertainment, we find out about the international nature of the 50th BFI London Film Festival from the festival's director. It's different from other film festivals because it doesn't have any awards such as 'best film' or 'best actor' - so films that are included simply have to be good. But how do we choose which films to watch? Listen for some tips!

We visit the Cambridgeshire countryside to meet Michael Beaumont, a butcher who decided to expand his business and also become a farmer. Find out why.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal's career is certainly on a roll - she's currently starring in 6 different films, including World Trade Center, in which she plays a woman whose husband died during the 9/11 attacks. Maggie talks about the difference between making low budget independent films and mainstream big studio movies.

Today's programme features a different kind of entertainment that's absolutely free! We hear from Helen Phillips, the chief executive of the new countryside agency known as Natural England which has been set up as a source of advice and help for farmers, to protect the environment and to make the countryside available to everyone.

Da Vinci Exhibition
Leonardo da Vinci is a historical figure who continues to fascinate us today. His paintings, designs and experiments are renowned all over the world. In this edition of Entertainment, we talk to one of the curators of The Victoria and Albert Museum where an exhibition of Da Vinci's work has opened.
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