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The Jericho Tavern, a pub and music venue

BBC Learning English are on tour! This week 30 October - 3rd November we are travelling around England meeting students and teachers.

One of the cities we are visiting is Oxford and in this special Entertainment programme we find out about Oxford's music scene, including the most popular venues for live music.

You can download a copy of the script and an mp3 version of the programme at the bottom of this page. You can also download Tim's original full report on Oxford music venues.

Listen out for the answers to these questions:

1: Which two famous bands performed gigs at The Jericho Tavern?
2: Why is the Zodiac an important venue for music?
3: What kinds of bands tend to play at Oxford Brook student union?



music venues
places where musicians and bands play

a gig
a live music performance

it has a great vibe
it has a good atmosphere, a good feeling to it

she is picky
she is quite fussy and won't accept just anything

to shoot (a video)
to film


download scriptProgramme script (pdf - 21 k)
download audioDownload this programme (mp3 - 5mb)
download audioDownload Tim's full report (mp3 - 3.8mb)
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