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An example of what English people eat

One of the things that London has become well known for is its wonderful range of food and restaurants. But this hasn't always been the case - and for some people, it still isn't!

This week, we hear some very harsh opinions about what English people eat - and we try to find out why things aren't as good as they should be.

Listen out for the answers to these questions during the programme. You can download a copy of the script and an mp3 version at the bottom of this page:

  1. What five places does Digby say we can look to find out what English people eat?

  2. What word does Digby use to describe English hospital food and what does it mean?

  3. Allegra gives two reasons why she thinks people don't cook every day. What are they?




lacking in taste, without good flavour

types of long, soft seating on which more than one person can sit at the same time. Sofas also usually have a back and arms to lean on.

can't be bothered
if you're not interested enough to spend the time or effort to do something and don't think it's important, you can't be bothered
example sentence:
I can't be bothered to wash the dishes tonight.

to be practised (in something)
to have done something several times so that you're good at it

lists of the dishes that you can choose to eat, usually in a restaurant

what is possible based on facts rather than hopes or wishes


Try the comprehension questions

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