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- Kurt Vonnegut


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Kurt Vonnegut

In this edition, we learn about one of the outstanding writers of modern American literature, Kurt Vonnegut, who died on 11 April, aged 84.

We find out why his work is so admired - especially his best-known novel, Slaughterhouse Five, which combines time travel fantasy with Vonnegut's own experiences in the German city of Dresden during the Second World War.


Vocabulary from the programme

so it goes
an expression of resignation - of accepting something you don't like but cannot change

lasting importance

springing up all over the place
appearing quickly in large numbers everywhere, like flowers in spring

a free online encyclopaedia which is written by users

there's no question
it's true

a means of criticising things in a humorous way

to bring something back into fashion
to make something popular again

a throwaway thought
a thought that comes to you easily

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