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- Casino Royale


- The science of attraction


- Bond, James Bond


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Casino Royale ticket and 007 actor Daniel Craig

In this edition of edition of Entertainment we review the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. How does it compare to earlier films and what is the actor Daniel Craig like in his first perfromance as 007.

In the programme Callum tells us what he thought of the film and we also hear from BBC film reviewer and critic Mark Kermode.



eagerly anticipating
looking forward to very much.

the prospect of
the possibilty of (something good)

world domination
controlling the whole world

a far cry from
very different from

clear and obvious with no attempt to be subtle

product placement
putting branded products items like computers, phones and watches in a film as a kind of advertising

to sag
to become slow and lose interest

the love interest
the main lover in a film of the lead character

to be vulnerable
to have a weakness, to be possible to hurt


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