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 Entertainment archives: 2005/6 2007  


- Casino Royale


- The science of attraction


- Bond, James Bond


- Food


- Oxford Music Scene

The faces of James Bond

In November, we featured the following programmes:

Casino Royale
In this edition of edition of Entertainment, we review the new James Bond film, "Casino Royale". How does it compare to earlier films and what is the actor Daniel Craig like in his first perfromance as 007. Callum Robertson shares his thoughts on the film and we also hear from BBC film reviewer and critic Mark Kermode.

The science of attraction
In this programme, we hear from Dr. Glenn Wilson who has written a new book called 'The Science of Love'. She was interviewed by Chris Evans on BBC Radio and explains why we find some people attractive and others not. Plus, we learn that a lot of attraction is based on features that we have little or no control over!

One of the things that London has become well known for is its wonderful range of food and restaurants. But this hasn't always been the case - and for some people, it still isn't! In this edition of Entertainment, we hear some very harsh opinions about what English people eat - and we try to find out why things aren't as good as they should be.

Oxford Music Scene
During the BBC Learning English tour, we travelled around England meeting students and teachers. One of the cities we visited was Oxford and in this special Entertainment programme, we find out about Oxford's music scene - including the most popular venues for live music!

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