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 Entertainment archives: 2005/6 2007  


- 'The Holiday' Review


- Good Food Show


- Alice Munro

Scenes from the stage musical

In December, we featured the following programmes:

'The Holiday' review
In this programme, we hear Mark Kermode's review of a Christmas themed film - "The Holiday" and as in many of Mark's reviews,we're treated to a range of imaginative and descriptive vocabulary during his comments.

Good Food Show
What better place to explore some of the language we use to describe food than at London's Good Food show?! We hear what Diane, a visitor to the exhibition, thinks about some of the food she's tried that's been cooked by one of Britain's top chefs.

Porgy and Bess (No longer available due to copyright restrictions)
In this episode, we find out that there's sometimes more to the story of an opera than what we see on stage. Why was the famous opera "Porgy and Bess" made into a London West End musical - and what is the background story to this George Gershwin masterpiece? We hear from the performers who play Porgy and Bess.

Alice Munro
This highly respected Canadian writer talks about her new collection of short stories The View from Castle Rock. It all begins back in the 19th century with Alice's great, great, great grandfather's boat journey from Scotland to Canada... and stories from her family's past lead to stories of her current life in small-town contemporary Canada.

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