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- Fat or thin?


- Renee Zellweger


- Flying


- Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

In this programme, we discuss a man who has emerged as one of the most successful sportsmen of the last year. Tiger Woods ended 2006 being named as the World Golfer of the Year for a record eighth time.

As you listen, try to answer these questions:
1: What did Tiger Woods do after he won the Open title?
2: Why did he stop playing in golf tournaments for a while?
3: What does to 'miss the cut' mean?


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to celebrate
to do something special for an important or exciting occasion
Example: Come out with us tonight, we're going to celebrate John's birthday.

to break down
to lose control of your emotions
Example: He broke down when he found out she had died.

to sob
to cry heavily
Example: She sobbed at the news she would never see him again.

a victory
the success you achieve when you win a battle, game etc.
Example: His achieved his greatest victory by winning the marathon.

to come to terms with
to learn how to accept and cope with
Example: It took him several years to come to terms with his friend's death.

to miss the cut
to fail to get a good enough score in the early stages of a golf tournament to continue to the next level

a comeback
to gain success again after a period when you've not been doing so well
Example: The group Take That have made a comeback this year with a new album.

back to back
one after another
Example: He won six games back to back.

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