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- Fat or thin?


- Renee Zellweger


- Flying


- Tiger Woods

A very thin body

Fat or Thin?


Today we look at an issue which often comes up in the world of Entertainment, and that's whether you're fat or thin.

Research shows 8 out of 10 people in Britain judge others by their weight. Most people think that thin people are more likely to be rich and successful than larger people.

But does it really matter if you're fat or thin? We explore people's views on all this and look at some of the language they use.


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a culture of...
here, a set of beliefs or attitudes about something that is held by a certain group of people
Example: There's a culture of secrecy when it comes to security issues.

to be socially inept
to not fit in to society and be bad at personal relationships

driven by
encouraged or caused by
Example: This obsession with being thin is driven by thin celebrities.

a second class citizen
someone who is seen as less important and less valuable than other people

it matters only on a superficial level
it might be seen as important at first, but it doesn't really matter

to judge someone
here, to decide what they are like as a person

your physique
your body and the way you look

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