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Oscar nominations 2007

It's that time of year again when the movie industry rewards the achievements of the past twelve months. The British movie awards, the BAFTAs are on February 11th and on 25th February it's the big one, the Oscars.

Last week the announcement was made in Los Angeles of which films were in the running to win an award. In this programme we hear about the announcement ceremony and get some reaction to the nominations.

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The nominations
the official list of films and people that have been chosen as possible winners of awards

group from which a winner will be selected.

At the ceremony prizes are awarded for differnet categories such as Best film, Best Director and so on

without much celebration or glamour

My retirement party was a very low-key affair. I didn't invite many people so it was very quiet, which is what I wanted.


Buying the company was a key decision in the growth of his business empire

a bunch
a small group of people

a front-running film
a film that has a good chance of winning an award

a tight race
a close competition

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