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Drew Barrymore
From childstar to successful actress
In Entertainment today, we listen to an interview with the Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore. She talks about her troubled times growing up after she played Gertie (at the age of 7!) in the huge hit movie, ET, and how she copes with fame, now she is a grown-up, successful actress and producer.

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strange and unusual

an odd couple
two people together who don't really seem to be a good match, perhaps they have very different personalities, for example

to figure something out
to come to understand something by thinking about it carefully

growing pains
an expression for the difficulties that people face when they are growing up, particularly teenagers

to pick yourself up
to recover from something bad that has happened to you in your life

time out (from someone)
not to be with someone for a time because being with them is causing arguments or other problems

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