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 Entertainment archives: 2005/6 2007  


- Super food


- Drew Barrymore


- Leonardo Di Caprio


- Oscar nominations

In February, we featured programmes on a super food and superstars

In February, we featured the following programmes:

Oscar Nominations
In this programme, we hear about the announcement ceremony for the BAFTA awards, which was held in Los Angeles. We find out which films are in the running and get some reaction to the nominations.

Leonardo Di Caprio
Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated in the Best Actor category at the 2007 Oscars for his role in the film 'Blood Diamond'. In this programme, we take a close look at some of the language the actor uses as he describes how he prepared for the role.

Drew Barrymore
In this edition, an interview with the Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore. She talks about her troubled times growing up after she played Gertie (at the age of 7!) in the huge hit movie, ET - and we find out how she copes with fame as a successful actress and producer.

Super food
If you're someone who is quite careful about what you eat and likes to be healthy, then you probably already know that blueberries, nuts, tomatoes and garlic are all listed as 'super foods'. Find out what a 'super food' is and what's being hailed as the latest addition to the category.

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