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Britney, before and after
Britney Spears

It's often said by people in the entertainment industry that all publicity is good publicity - but is that necessarily true? Britney Spears is in the headlines again but many would argue that she's not in them for the right reason.

She's been having a very difficult time lately, particularly in terms of her family, but most recently, Britney's acquired a new hairstyle - and that's been a shock to the world!

Before you listen to find out why, have a look at the following questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme:

1: What type of hairstyle did Britney want?
2: What did Esther Tognozzi say to Britney to try to change her mind about the hairstyle?
3: Who gave Britney her new hairstyle in the end?
4: Which negative phrase does Dean Piper use to describe Britney?

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to be separated
when someone no longer lives with their husband or wife anymore, usually before a divorce, they are separated

checking into rehab
(American English) going into a clinic where various techniques are used to stop certain types of negative behaviour, e.g an addiction to alcohol
Example: She realised that she had a problem with alcohol so she decided to check into rehab.

to feel differently about something
to change your mind about something

to talk someone out of something
to persaude someone to do or say something different to what they'd originally planned
Example: She wanted to buy a new dress even though she didn't have enough money, so I had to talk her out of it.

definitely, totally, completely, without question

a soap opera
a series of regular TV, radio or online programmes which deal with sentimental and often controversial issues, e.g. divorce, stealing and family arguments

going to nightclubs

rumours, information or news about people and situations which isn't always true

Try the comprehension questions
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