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Grammar Challenge


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- Use the grammar
Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar!

Tell us some things that are always true about you. For example;

  • if I'm sad, I always cry and then I eat a lot of chocolate!
  • When I see my dog, it makes me happy.
  • If my boss shouts at me, it makes me sad.

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Guga, Brazil
If I play soccer, I always be happy. When I study, I always get good results on tests. If I play guitar, I relaxe

Nuala says:

Hello Guga,

I like playing sports too. Badminton is my favourite sport but I only feel happy if I win!

The pattern for the zero conditional is If (or When) + present simple, present simple. So in your first sentence it should be 'If I play soccer, I always am happy '.

The final word of your piece should be' relax' if it's a verb or if you want to use an adjective, you could say 'I feel relaxed'

Callum's a good musician and when I asked him he said, 'When I play the guitar my neighbours get annoyed!'. I THINK he was only joking.


Joanna, Poland
If I decide to begin something, I always finish it. If someone isn't honest with me, I always feel it. I like to go out with my dog, when it's sunny.

Nuala says:

Hello Joanna,

I wish I had as much will power as you!

Your three examples of the zero conditional are all perfect. Well done!

Thanks for writing in and I hope you have some lovely sunny days soon so you can enjoy them with your dog.

All the best,


When I see someone cry, I cry also. When my Brother smiles, I feel happy. If the wether is cold, I make myself a cup of tea. When I see an Actress, I ask for an autograp.

Nuala says:


I bet your brother is pleased to have you as his sibling.

You've used the zero conditional very well in your piece. Well done!

Here are a couple of points to think about:

You don't need capital letters on 'brother' or 'actress' and the spelling of 'wether' and 'autograp' aren't quite right.

Thanks for writing in from Nigeria and next time you contact us, don't forget to tell us your name.

Best wishes,


If my baby crying, I get stress. When my husband bring me a bunch of flowers, I get so happy.

Nuala says:

Hello London!

Yes, hearing a baby cry is stressful. And everyone loves getting flowers, don't they?

The pattern for the zero conditional is If (or When) + present simple, present simple. So in your first sentence it should be If my baby cries, I get stressed. ('Stress' is a verb but the adjective, how you feel is 'stressed'.)

Now that you know the pattern of the zero conditional, can you figure out what your second sentence should be?

Lovely to hear from you and next time, don't forget to tell us what your name is!


Eleonora, Italy
If I'm upset, I play the piano and then I fell better. When I see a beautiful landscape, my heart is full of joy. If it's Monday morning, I don't want to get up because ahead I have a week of hard work!

Nuala says:

Hello Eleonora,

I think lots of us feel exactly the same on a Monday morning!

Thanks for writing in.


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