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Read this dialogue and decide whether the question tags are real questions, or whether their purpose is to check information or keep the conversation going. Practice the dialogue with a partner, if you have one, or you can play both parts yourself! There are no right and wrong answers for this activity, but when you have finished, you can listen to a recording of this dialogue if you want.

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The Interview
Chris:Good morning. I'm not too early, am I?
Boss:No, not at all. You've been given a cup of coffee, haven't you?
Chris:Yes, I have, thank you.
Boss:We should be ready for you in a couple of minutes. You wouldn't mind filling in these forms while you're waiting, would you?
Chris:Ok, no problem. I'll give them to the receptionist when I've finished, shall I?
Boss:If you would.
Boss:...So the hours are 9.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday, that's normal, isn't it? And you'll be working in the stats department: the receptionist showed you where that is, didn't she?
Chris:Well yes, she did, but...
Boss:And you haven't had any major illnesses, have you?
Chris:No, but I did want to say that...
Boss:And you've had a look at the terms and conditions, haven't you?
Chris:Yes, but I think there's been some sort of mistake.
Boss:Mistake? You are at Jones and Jones, having an interview for the position of Account Manager, aren't you?
Chris:Well, no, actually, I'm in IT. You do have IT vacancies here, don't you?
Boss:Yes, of course we do. But your name is Chris Jones, isn't it?
Chris:I'm afraid not. My name's Chris Smith.
Boss:Oh my goodness, there must have been some sort of mix-up. You will accept my sincerest apologies, won't you?
Chris:Of course. No harm done!

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