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Scene from Win, Lose or Draw
Scene from Win, Lose or Draw

BFM International Film Festival


This week, Yvonne finds out why there's a separate Black film makers' International Film Festival at the same time as the Times BFI London Film Festival. William joins her as we hear from the director of an award-winning short film to find out what the film is about.

This week's question: How long is the shortest film ever made?

a) 1 second
b) 1 minute
c) 5 minutes

Listen out for the answer to this question at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

To stereotype
to have a strong, fixed idea about how someone will behave based on facts such as the country they come from, the colour of their skin or their religion

platforms for expression
ways and places that people, especially artistic people, can use to share their views, work and messages

to showcase
to feature, to highlight, to bring attention to

the mainstream
here, the larger cinemas which show the most popular films made by the most famous directors and producers and featuring well known actors

something that is cathartic is a way of expressing or getting rid of very strong emotions and feelings

standing on the shoulders of giants
being supported and helped by people who have achieved a lot and are seen as heroes

the mother country
people from countries which were owned by England before they became independent referred to England as the mother country

to be in awe of
to be amazed by, impressed by and very respectful of someone

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