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World's biggest sandwich


This week, the story of how and why Iran decided to try to break a world record. Feeling hungry? Well, Yvonne Archer is joined by William Kremer to talk about what might possibly be the biggest sandwich in the world!

This week's question: In which country is a sandwich the favourite dish for dinner?

a) Denmark
b) England
c) The United States

Find out the answer at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

an attempt
a try, an effort to do something

something to eat that looks and smells delicious and very desirable to eat

a noun that isn't very complimentary for something that is soft and thick

frankly, to be frank
truthfully, honestly, openly - usually used to introduce or complete a bold statement

a very large bird which cannot fly - originally from Africa

sandwich filling
the ingredients which are put between the bread

to promote healthy eating
to encourage and spread information about which foods are good for people

a type of fat found in meat, eggs and other foods making them harmful if too much is eaten

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