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Puzzled by jargon?



If you got a letter saying that local officials 'wish to engage you as a stakeholder', who could blame you if you thought it was a marriage proposal or even an offer to employ you as a barbecue chef?! In this week's programme, William joins Yvonne as she finds out about an attempt at jargon-busting - getting rid of jargon.

This week's question: Which British Prime Minister was known as 'Jack the Jargon Killer' because he wanted officials to stop using jargon?

a) Tony Blair
b) Robert Peel
c) Winston Churchill

Listen out for the answer to this question at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

Words and expressions which are used in a technical or special way by a group of people in certain situations or places of work

local government

members of councils who people have elected or voted for to make decisions about what happens in their area

stake-holder engagement
speaking to, liaising with and getting the attention of people or organisations that have an interest in and are important to a specific project

a civic amenity site
a place which is used by the general public

a rubbish tip
a place where dirt, refuse and things that people no longer need are left

to embrace something
to accept, welcome and enjoy something

the vernacular
slang or informal language

a quick way to write, say or do something

to flag up
to bring attention to

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