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July 2008: Stress at work

A man looking stressed at work

Stress at work


Today Doug and Jackie talk about stress at work. Do you have a stressful job? Do Doug and Jackie have stressful jobs?

This week's question: Which of these jobs is considered the most stressful?

a) a broadcaster
b) a teacher
c) a pilot

Listen to the programme for the answer!


Vocabulary from the programme

someone who presents programmes for radio or television
Example: Jackie and Doug are broadcasters.

to have a lot to do
to be very busy
Example: When you are working in a restaurant, there is a lot to do.

to be difficult
a difficult person is someone who always complains or argues
Example: Difficult customers always want to see the manager.

to have responsibility
to be in a position where what you do affects other people
Example: A football manager has a big responsibility to his players and the fans.

This word is used a lot nowadays. There are many different forms:

Noun: Stress is bad for your health.

Adjective: - He is shouting a lot. He looks very stressed.
- Yes, he looks very stressed out
. (informal)

Words that are similar to stressed

Example: He was very nervous when he was performing at the concert. He had stage-fright.

Example: I'm going on a business trip but I'm very anxious that I am going to forget something. Where's my passport?!

the opposite of stressed: relaxed
Example: I have to take an exam tomorrow but it's quite easy. I'm very relaxed about it.

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