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- Credit crunch


- Cost of living


- Drinking laws

Girls drinking in a bar

Drinking laws


In the programme today, has a change in drinking laws in England and Wales affected people's attitudes to alcohol? We'll be hearing from a medical worker as Jackie and Elena talk about the language of drinks and going out.

This week's question: What is the oldest alcoholic drink in the world?

a) Wine
b) Beer
c) Sake

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

Asking if someone wants to go out for a drink
Let's go for a drink! (usually referring to alcohol)
Do you fancy a drink?
Let's go to the pub!
Shall we have a quick one? (informal)

Phrases to use when you want to pay for other people's drinks
I'm buying
It's on me
It's my round

binge drinking
drinking a lot of alcohol in a short period of time

spread out over a period of time

to pace your drinking
to not drink too quickly

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