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A computer-generated image of an asteroid on collision course with Earth from the series 'Space' (BBC, 2001)

Asteroid mission


In 2017, European scientists plan to go on a very special space mission - landing on an asteroid. But why do they want to visit an asteroid and will there be space for Callum on the spacecraft?! Before he went off to pack, Callum joined Yvonne for this week's programme to find out more about the Marco Polo Mission.

This week's question: According to scientists, when was the last time that an asteroid hit earth?

a) 85 million years ago
b) 65 million years ago
c) 45 million years ago

Listen out for the answer to this question at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

a space mission
a special journey that takes people and/or equipment to and from space

the solar system
the sun and all the planets which move around it

small, inactive planets, sometimes as small as a few kilometers or miles wide which move around the sun

the process of examining something to try to understand what it is or what it is made from

to select
to choose something or someone

a drill
a powerful type of tool which is used to make holes

rubbish, usually made up of broken bricks, stones and pieces of concrete which are left after a building has been damaged or destroyed

usually material, e.g. dust and rubble, from things that have been damaged or destroyed

perfect, not spoiled or touched

if something evolved, it gradually changed and developed into something different and more complicated

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