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- The wisdom of keeping quiet


- Asteroid mission


- Problem pronunciation


- Big hills and small mountains


- Dhaka traffic


Features in October 2008:


Dhaka traffic
This programme takes us into the heart of one of the busiest and noisiest parts of the world! Jackie and Senjuti are in downtown Dhaka among the cars and rickshaws, discussing a topic that's not going anywhere fast: traffic!

Big hills and small mountains
Yvonne and Callum ask: is there any difference between a really big hill and a small mountain?

Problem pronunciation
We look at the results of a recent survey in which 3,000 British people were asked to pronounce some of the most difficult words in the English language. Yvonne and Callum try their luck at pronouncing a few of those words and achieve some rather funny results!

Asteroid mission
In 2017, European scientists plan to go on a very special space mission - landing on an asteroid. But why do they want to visit an asteroid and will there be space for Callum on the spacecraft?! Before he went off to pack, Callum joined Yvonne for this programme to find out more about the Marco Polo Mission.

The wisdom of keeping quiet
For many people across the world, one of life's most valuable qualities is wisdom. In this programme, Yvonne is joined by one of BBC Learning English's wisest people - Callum Robertson! But can talking about 'wisdom' make them wiser? And can a few words of wisdom really help us all lead more successful lives?
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