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Adult children


In this week's programme, Yvonne is joined by Callum as she looks at an interesting legal case. A 20 year old man in Italy has taken his father to court for money so that he can continue to live at home with his mother and study for a new career. But at 20, are we too old to expect our parents to be responsible for us?

This week's question: A 12 year old boy in the United States was the first to divorce his parents - but when did that happen?

a) 1992
b) 1998
c) 2001?

Listen out for the answer to this question at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

to depend on
to rely on, to need

expenses incurred
if you do something that costs money, you incur expenses, e.g. going to work incurs travel expenses - your bus fares.

to pursue an aspiration
to do all that is necessary to fulfil a dream

to pay maintenance
to support someone financially

to quit a job
to leave a job

to set a precedent
a legal term for a decision that's been made for the first time by a court or a judge; in the future, similar cases can then expect to receive the same judgment

To keep someone in the manner to which they've become accustomed
to provide enough money for someone to that they don't have to change their way of life - their lifestyle

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