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Hengchun from China: 'I can learn from my landlady and her children'

We can use unless in place of except if and only if to talk about the conditions under which something can happen.

Today, William asks Hengchun to take tea with him at the Ritz - but what are the conditions under which that can happen?


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Unless with a subject and verb means only if or except if in positive and negative sentences. The other part of the sentence gives the possible result.

possible result unless subject and verb
I'm not going to dance unless you ask me.
I won't go by car unless it's a long way.
We can go to the park unless someone has a better idea.

unless subject and verb possible result
Unless we're there by 8 o'clock we won't get anything to eat.
Unless Elena wants to take a taxi we can go by bus.
Unless you tell me who broke the cup I will make you pay for it.


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Next week, we'll focus on a piece of difficult but useful grammar: reported questions.

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