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Today Jackie and Doug talk about the language of management and managers. Is being a manager ever fun? We hear the views of a management columnist at the Financial Times.

This week's question: The verb 'manage' comes from the Italian maneggiare. What does this mean?

a) to move
b) to handle
c) to control

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


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Vocabulary from the programme

controlling or organizing the work that a company or organisation does
I've always wanted a career in management.
verb: to manage
noun: to be a manager

examples of types of manager:
junior manager / senior manager
general manager
project manager
department manager
branch manager
sales manager

Terms often associated: to be the boss, the head, the chief (chief executive)

part of the nature of something
Management is one of the most intrinsically miserable jobs there is!
Communication is an intrinsic part of any strong business.

a task
something you have to do
Your task is to make sure all the clients know about this new product.
Some similar words:
My job involves writing reports.
My role here is to serve customers.

things you do as part of your job
Jennifer's duties include cleaning cars.

an underling
an insulting word for someone who has a low rank, often used humorously
Here are some more appropriate ways to describe a group of people who work for a manager...!

Describing managers

Positive words:
He is a competent manager.
She is an effective manager.
She's a really good manager.
He's a very strong manager.
She has good leadership skills.

Negative words:
He is an incompetent manager. (very strong)
She's an ineffective manager.
He's a really poor manager.
As a manager, she's very weak.

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