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A mobile phone

Mobile phones


Today Doug and Jackie talk about mobile phones. Is having a mobile phone important? Could you live without your mobile?

This week's question: In Britain we call it a mobile phone. In Canada and the United States they call it a different name. Which of these names is not a name for a mobile phone?

a) cell phone
b) cellular phone
c) c phone

Listen to the programme for the answer!


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Vocabulary from the programme

a small phone that you can take anywhere
Example: I'm always on my mobile. I take it everywhere I go.

Another meaning: If something is mobile, it can be moved easily

I couldn't live without...
use this expression to talk about something or someone that is very important to you
Example: I couldn't live without my secretary. He does everything in the office.

private life
the things you do away from work, e.g. at home
Example: Some film stars don't like answering questions about their private lives. It's personal!

a text message
a way to communicate with a mobile phone without making a phone call -
you write a message and send it to people to read on their phone
Example: Send me a text message when you get to the station.

'Text' is usually a noun
Example: Did you understand the text I sent you?

Nowadays 'text' is a verb as well - to text
Example: Text me!

The language of text messages:
If you want to write a message quickly, you can send shorter words.
Where r u? = Where are you?
Pls = please
2 = to or too

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