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A pygmy hippo in London Zoo
A pygmy hippo in London Zoo

Pygmy hippo


This week, we hear how a rare and endangered species of animal, the pygmy hippopotamus (or 'hippo' for short), has been found in Liberia.

This week's question: In addition to the threat of deforestation, the pygmy hippo also faces the threat of 'poaching'. Which of these definitions of the verb 'to poach' are NOT true?

a) 'to catch and kill animals without permission on someone else's land'
b) 'to take something that belongs to someone else, usually an idea, and use it for yourself'
c) 'to persude someone who works for someone else to come and work for you'

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Vocabulary from the programme

the natural surroundings in which an animal or plant usually lives

the cutting down of trees in a large area, the destruction of forests by people

smaller than the usual type

extremely small


difficult to find


active during the night

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