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A gang

Mosquitoes and teenagers


In this week's programme, Jackie and Callum talk about a new device which some people are using to get rid of gangs of teenagers. The 'mosquito' emits an annoying sound which only young people can hear. Is it a good way of stopping young people from causing trouble?

This week's question: What is a citizen's arrest?

a) when a member of the public is arrested by a police officer
b) when members of the public vote on whether someone should be arrested
c) when a member of the public arrests another member of the public

Listen to the programme for the answer.


Vocabulary from the programme

antisocial behaviour
behaviour that may upset, annoy or offend other people, for example, stealing, damaging property or shouting loudly
Example: This town has a huge problem with antisocial behaviour at night.

an antisocial behaviour order / an ASBO
a civil order made against a person who has engaged in anti-social behaviour, it gives them rules about things they must not do
Example: He's been given an ASBO which prevents him from drinking in public places.

binge drinking
drinking large quantities of alcohol in one go
Example: Years of binge drinking has made her ill.

a mosquito
here, a small device that makes an unpleasant sound (a bit like that of the insect, mosquito) that young people can hear and older people can't. It's used by some people to try and get rid of gangs of teenagers.

it's indiscriminate
it may affect many people, not just those targeted, without any thought about what harm it may cause

to be law-abiding
to obey the law and not commit crimes
Example: Law-abiding people shouldn't have to put up with this!

the root cause of the problem
the underlying reason for the problem
Example: She thinks the root cause of antisocial behaviour is poor education.

a citizen's arrest
when a member of the public arrests another member of the public
Example: Mr Patel made a citizen's arrest when he caught a man stealing from a shop.

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