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Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar!

Have you been on a trip recently? What preparations did you make and what equipment did you take? Use 'to', 'for' and 'so that' to tell us about it.

Thank you for all your entries. This topic has now closed.

Tra My, Vietnam
Every year my family usually go to the seaside. Last year, we visited a famous place in the north of Vietnam. We prepared for the trip a long time before we left. My mother bought me a beautiful skirt so that I could wear it when I walked along the beach. My mother and I went shopping to buy some food. I did not forget bringing sun cream for not being brown after the trip. Because of good preparation, we had a memorable trip.

Nuala says:

Hi Tra My,

Sounds like a perfect holiday!

You used so that + subject + verb (so that I could) and infinitive with to (to buy) well in your answer.

However when you were writing about the sun cream, although the form was correct 'for' + verb-ing' , it's more usual to say 'so that' when we're talking about preventing or stopping something from happening. Also in that sentence you need an infinitive after 'forget' rather than 'verb-ing'. So instead, of saying 'I did not forget bringing sun cream for not being brown after the trip', you could say 'I didn't forget to bring sun cream so that we wouldn't get sunburned'.

Finally, in your last sentence your meaning is clear but to make it sound more natural, you might say 'Because we prepared well, we had a memorable trip' or 'We had a great trip because we prepared well'.

Thanks for writing in!


Arnauld, France
Six monthes ago, I went to Mauritius to practice windsurfing. I didn't want to rent a gear on the island, so I carried my own material. I chose to carry four sizes of sails so that I could go to the water whatever the wind speed. Due to this choice, I spent a very nice sportfull stay.

Nuala says:

Hi Arnauld,

Sounds like your were very well organised on your holiday!

You used the structure so that + subject + verb (so that I could) in your answer correctly. Well done!

Let's look at a few spelling and vocabulary points now. 'Monthes' isn't correct. Which extra letter did you add there? You used the word 'gear' correctly but 'material' isn't a suitable substitute. And 'sportfull' isn't a word in English. Do you know what the correct adjective of 'sport' is? Finally 'Due to this choice' is a very wordy and overly formal way of simply saying 'So'.

Thanks for telling us about your holiday!


Milena, Serbia
I went to spend night at my friend's house. I took my toothbrush to brush my teeth, a box of candies for eating and some films so that we can stay up late:)

Nuala says:

Hi Milena,

I can't think of anything more enjoyable that a sleepover, sweets and films!

You used 'so that + subject + verb', ' for verb+ing' and 'infinitive with to' well in your short answer.

Don't forget, your story is in the past so the verb here 'that we can stay up' should be in the simple past.

Hope you enjoyed the movies!


Nagla, Egypt
I am going to visit Sharm El Sheikh with my family tomorrow morning. We're going to spend one week. I am preparing everything. I am making a meals so that we don't feel hungry on the way. I am getting an MP3 Player for listening some music. I am bringing some magazines for reading. I am taking enough money to buy gifts to my friends. I just remembered I must bring my bikini for swimming… I'll get it now.

Nuala says:

Hello Nagla,

Sounds like you're going to have a lovely holiday in Egypt!

You used a nice mixture of 'so that', 'infinitive with to ' and 'for' in your answer. Well done!

You need one more word at the end of this sentence 'We're going to spend one week', you need another one after 'listening' and a different one from 'to' in this sentence 'buy gifts to my friends'.

Thanks for writing in!


Suan Eng,Singapore
Last week I went to Korea for holiday. It was the beinging of the winter so I need a big suitcase to pack my windbreakers, sweaters etc. To protect my skin, I brought diferent types of moisturizer for my face and body. I took some instant cup noodles for supper in case I couldn't get used to the food there. I exchanged a lot of Korean currency to purchase trendy clothes and handbags. Sigh...I am broke now! Of course I can't go without medicine to prevent diziness during travelling. I used a digital camera to capture the scenery so that my family could use the computer to see this beautiful country. I prepared well so that this was the most wonderful holiday of my life.

Nuala says:

Hello Suan,

Sounds like a great holiday! I'm not surprised you've got no money left after doing all that shopping!

You used a nice variety of 'so that', 'infinitive with to' and 'in case' to talk about reasons why you packed what you did.

Your holiday was last week so both these verbs should have been in past simple - 'need' and 'can't'.

There were a few spelling slips in your piece: 'beinging', ' diferent' and 'diziness' (although rather than saying 'to prevent diziness during travelling' we'd usually say 'to prevent travel sickness'

Finally, in your last sentence your meaning is clear but it would sound more natural, to say 'the most wonderful holiday I've ever had'.

Thanks for writing in!


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