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Selman Ozturt from Turkey: 'If you don't know English well, you can't get a good job'

To, for, so that
In this programme we look at three ways to talk about the reason for doing something.

Our challenger is Selman Ozturt from Turkey. We ask Selman to imagine that he's going camping - but why is he taking the items that he's packed below?

A car boot packed with things, including some beer, some magazines, some candles and a bag


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To talk about purpose, or the reason why we do things, we can use for + verb-ing, we can use the infinitive with to, and we can use so that + subject + verb.

Noun or pronoun

'for' + verb-ing

I'm bringing some pots and pans...

for cooking

Action or event

Infinitive with 'to'

We've got some water...

to make tea

Action or event

'so that' + subject + verb

I'm taking some extra blankets...

so that we don't get cold


Download Catherine's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 55 K)

Download this programme (mp3 - 1.8 MB)
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Now it's your turn to practise for, to and so that. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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Learn It - 'in order to' / 'to' / 'so that'
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