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Grammar challenger Mehmet from Turkey

Future predictions with 'going to'
Black clouds? Thunder? It's going to rain! There are many ways to talk about the future in English. In today's programme we look at using 'going to' for predicting what is about to happen.

In the programme Mehmet from Turkey has a listening challenge. Can he describe from the sound effects what is going to happen?


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Although we use it to talk about the future 'going to' is actually a present form. Our prediction about what is about to happen is based on evidence that we have in the present, for example, what we can see or hear. We see black clouds now, we predict rain for the future.

Subject to be going to base infinitive


going to be sick
s / he
fall over
it rain
be late
win the match
get wet


Download Nuala's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 27 K)

Download this programme (mp3 - 1.8 MB)
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Now it's your turn to practise future predictions with 'going to' . Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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