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Video English 3
Video English 3
The Teacher and a bird
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with birds.

1. Birdbrain
2. To have a bird's eye view
3. A little bird told me

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Do you know any birdbrains? Has a little bird ever told you something? The Teacher would like you to send a paragraph using one or more of the bird idioms from the video. His favourite entries will be published on this page.

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Abel, Colombia
A little bird (friend of mine) told me that when The Teacher was younger he seems to be a birdbrain, a lot of people said that he was idealistic, unrealistic, radical, or just plain silly; later, after a lot of work (he was very busy, so that’s why he never had a date) he became in this Teacher with a remarkable bird’s eye view of English knowledge. Now he works as The Teacher and one another little bird told me that he will continue helping people like me to improve their English skills. Thanks BBC for services like this.

Mohamed, Morocco
I have always the feeling of being a birdbrain about English, but still, I think that making efforts to learn it via BBCLearningenglish, and other educational websites, will make easy for everyone the fact of learning English, and to forget this bad feeling!

Once a child said to me that a little bird told him he was born because of the birds and bees happened between his mom and dad.Then he went on and asked "I am a little bird-brain about this ,what's going on with the birds and the bees?"I told him in an easy way"The mommy bird and the daddy bird get together and then they have a baby bird,so do the bees. "

Nasrin, Iran
Fabulous. I hope I can learn more idioms in the future. please make the episodes downloadable.

RInnaprat Ngeangtaisong, Thailand
What’s the matter with me? Just ask yourself what school has done to you so far. For me, I thought I was an exact birdbrain about English. But when I started learning English from “”, I could feel that there’s something easier to learn English. And I think it is certainly such a great way to learn English. I've got to say that I completely have a bird's eye view to see my future. And it’s not because of a little bird told me that, but I am.

Daisy, VietNam
A bird told me that he loves me.Oh, why don't I have a bird's eye view to sure it

Orlando, Brazil
Hello, BBC guys! I believe a lot in God and I always try to be a nice person and I don´t say or do bad things to anyone. For this reason, some people think I am a birdbrain. But since I know that all we do, come back to us, I know I have a bird´s eye view. You may be asking how does he know these things? A little bird told me that.

Rawisuth Kanchanarapeepong, Thailand
This programme is very good for me to open my English birdbrain. A little brid told me that practise, practise and practice in English will make me a perfect and a bird's eye view. Your programme is marvellous.

Mali, Wolverhampton, UK
is it true that blond girls have birdbrains :)A little bird told me that you are engaged :)my manager at work has a bird's eye view, he knows everything :)CheersMali

Louie, Begium
A little bird told me that i have won the lotto. I hope it is true otherwise he is a birdbrain. LOL

Álvaro, Mexico
A little bird told me: -"Don´t be a bird brain!, act fast and connect to the BBC World Service and you'll have a bird's eye view of all the World important matters!" -And I promtly followed its advice!"

Fredrick S. Jarboe, Liberia
one of my workmate is a birdbrain, who always says things above my imagination.I am thinking of ways to undrestand him.I will used my birds eye view and reasons to discouver him.

Mohsen, Shiraz
I learned about your lesson through Shirin Science Center blog in Iran and enjoyed your videos very much.Keep up the great work.

Nidal, Kuwait
Thank you for the idioms because they are the most difficult in learning English . Our world's disaster is that it is ruled by birdbrain who unfortunately do not have a bird's eye view . No wonder , a little bird told me .

The Little Bird, Sky
Thanks for everthing, u make me so happy,sometimes yes i think my brain is little realy,but i can fly,if i am on sky i knot that's danger but i can see everything... :) Best Regards

Zeidan, Jordan
Hi, Our teacher is great, he's so cool.I told all my friends about him, so I'm the bird today.

Hazim, Germany
Hello everybody.The little bird is the conscience that everybody should have.It is the little bird inside that tells us not to do wrong.Usually pilots of jet fighters have the ability to observe things quickly and that is the eye birdThanks

Carmen Gloria, Chile
A little bird told me about the BBC page. I thought I had a bird's eye view to be able to find all the good stuff in the web. However, I must recognize, sometimes I'm not so cool, and when I think I know it all, I'm just a birdbrain.Teacher, I loved your class!

Lu Hong Yong
when i see this photoes it is so interesting this photoes when my son see it he said da what is in the the paper and why she can fly ,,,,i said i dont know ,but the teacher can tell you when is happly from this pictures .i hope you can give me messages thanks

Ai Li, Malaysia
i have a neighbour who is birdbrains and she has some kind of strange behavior. she doesn't like to talk to people. she likes to be alone and be quiet.During weekend, she likes climbing up hill to have a bird's eye views which makes her feels relax. A little bird told me that she has another strange behavior, to clean bathroom every day to make sure it;s clean all the time. that's her way of indulging herself.weird, doesn't she?

Hassan, Iran
very interesting body language and gesture

Kaberi, India
Teacher we are waiting for your return with new lessons,some little bird told me that you dont teach the student like me with a birdbrain,but i dont think so because i know u have a birds eye to view all students.

I like the vedo so much because I can learn English idiom easily.

Danuta, Poland
Some leaders of my country, they might be birdbrain!!!

Ramiz, Turkey
a little bird told me this season BESIKTAS will be champion...

Vidyasekaran, India
Recently one of my friend shared his experience after relocating to work at his indian office from USA. The very first day after he reported to the office he couldn't stand to see those whom he thought as having a birdbrain are now considered as leaders. After gaining critical approvals from clients over the years, he feel like fittering away his repuration on hearing a little bird say that the company doesn't like people returning from onsite.

Hiroki, Japan
"A little bird told me an important information about some leaders of any countries. They always tell their people to try to keep safety about their life and global environment. But actually they always waste any resources for their life. I guess they might be birdbrain."Thank you very much for the interesting programme. Now I've studying English, so it's useful in this site. I expect the next one.

Ali Vaghef, Tehran, Iran
Hello teacher and all of my universal classmatesA little bird told me the teacher that has a bird`s eye view will upload for us more interesting idioms in the future utill all of us come out of our birdbrain that we have about this language

Alessandro, Brazil
A Little Bird told me that having an eagle's eye view is much better than having a bird's eye view

Veronique, France
I have been looking for several days for English lessons via the BBC site and was about to admit my defeat but a little bird says to me that I have to keep on working with this wonderful means. Despite my birdbrain ( mainly for the English language !) I have found you who have a bird's eye view of people who need to improve their English knowledge .... as you have set up this site. Thank you vm teacher. 'll see you on July 19.

Jesús, Spain
I didn't know it would be sentences with birds, it's good to know about that because I like them very much.

Kasem Phumphong, Thailand
There are some questions from birdbrain students that bigbrain teachers can't be able to solve.

Dasha, Ukraine
Hello Teacher! I'm Dasha from Ukraine..I'm going to be an English translator so, I'm so interested in English idioms! A little bird told me about your wonderful lessons and I've decided to come here... I hope that I'm not too birdbrain and I'll understand everything here...Thank you very much for such an interesting lesson! It would be interesting to hear another idioms, for example, about cat...

Kaberi, India
when I reached peak of the mountain a got a birds eye view which insist me to get a snap.its quite helpful,pls carry on ad give us more homework.

Sanje, Serbia
'Ouh,there you are!' 'How did you find me?', said little boy. 'Well, a little bird told me.'

Yenpham, Vietnam
A little bird told me that he has a bird's eye view, and as such he must know who a birdbrain is.

Gang, Taiwan
If I have a bird's eye view of humankind, a little bird should tell that I have a birdbrain.=.=

Giovanni, Brazil
We have many birdbrain's referee in Brazil!

Bakar, South Africa
teacher thank alot for ur daily teachings and dedications, we are really always grateful and i can asure u we will soon be able to speak english like an english indivitual i am glad to tell u that i learnt something very useful today and i think i will soon start using these idioms coz i know i am not a birdbrain and the other day a little bird told me if we study hard everyday we will then be able to speak this language very well dear bbclearning pro c u then

Emily ,Veracruz Mexico
If a little bird had told me about this class in internet,I would have checked this site before, but thanks God I have a bird's eye view and I found it, so from now on I won't miss it at all.

José Luis, Puebla, Mexico
A little birtd told me about, and I thought; I don't want to be a birdbrain and must improve my English, then I said I'll have a bird's eye view searching on the web for this site.

Jim, Greece
I little bird told me about the "teacher" who has a bird'eye view for teaching English and explains what "birdbrain" means. It's excellent lesson about bird idioms.

Darek, Poland
We have many birdbrains in Poland, especially the members of our government are birdbrains;-) Greetings!

Farzad, Iran
it is great to have such interesting and useful idiomatic phrases on BBC`s learning english website. I just want you to make these episodes downloadable.

Simply, Vietnam
Yes, a bird has birdbrain, but it can fly and can see overview too. So that we have to idiom "Have a bird's eye view". I think someone has week point, he or she has also strength point. That's important strength points to help you get succeed in life.Thank to many little birds told me good things. Thank you so much !

Andrea, Peru
This is the first time I see this website and i think it's very usefull. A month ago a little bird asked me about an idiomatic phrase and i felt a birdbrain because i didn't know the answer.But fortunately now i know what does birdbrain mean. Thank you.

Tania, Ukraine
Hello, teacher! thanks for your lessons - they are stunning! A little bird told me that the next lesson is going to be about dinosaurs. Is that true? please reply now, I can't wait till 19 July :)))

Rolando, Venezuela
I think that no-one is birdbrain, that was I thought about me. I had to go to the psychologist because I couldn't get that idea of my mind, every single day at every moment I thought I was birdbrain. well he helped me to erase that idea from my mind, and I really dare to say that the birdbrain was he himself, at that moment I could see I had a bird's eye view, yes He himself was the birdbrain. A little bird told me that the psichologist was birdbrain, I didn't believed what that little bird said about him, I thought that the birdbrain was that little bird not the psicologist well I no longer think that I want to bring a big greeting to everybody especially to Diego from Venezuela and all of those from Colombia and to everybody Keep on practice, and thank bbclearning english they are the beeeeest

Guthemberg, Brazil
Yes, I've known many birdbrainds in my life. However, a little bird told me that I must be quite peaceful with them. Being peaceful and as comprehensible as possible is the best way to deal with them.

Marisela, Venezuela
I used to teach english to boys n girls who study at the high school, they are either lazy or birdbrain, because I repeat the lesson time after time but they don`t understand I lost my temper. Thought, I wonder if the birdbrain is me, I don't know! I hope I am not! Well, on the other hand, as fas as I remember a little bird told me, ok I don't let on who told me something terrible, as I earlier commented, that little bird told me my best friend said that I was a birdbrain, because anybody understood what I taught them. But, as I have a bird's eye view I realize that the real person that said that was the very little bird that told me that I was a birdbrain. well I told her that the real birdbrain was herself, that she was a daft and a mug! well that is all from Me bye. I enjoy this feature of the teacher it's very funny and easy to understand and remember. thanks

Yo, Japan
In Japan, most of politicians are birdbrain.

South Africa
it's really facinating to learn some idioms through internet ,among of 3 idioms i knew 2 of themi'm really into learning idioms.tanks for teaching us.

Soheila , Iran
Two opposit characteristics of the birds have been explained by the teacher.It's too amazing

A little bird told me I have to stop learning three languages at the same time, or my brain will explode and I will be a birdbrain too....

Younghwa, Korea
A little bird told me, you were having problems.

Vu, Vietnam
It's quite in time the teacher returned when I had just finished an annoying meeting with my manager in office. A little bird told me that I had wasted my time to have argument with such a bird-brained person. He meant she, the manager, was really a birdbrain in the situation of the meeting. At her position, she must have a bird's eye view over the matter discussed but all her ideas and her point of view caused us almost disappointed. Is it right when somebody at high position always try to do something that differentiate themselves from others or try to be unusual, try to be really a rare bird? With me this is nothing but a stupid opinion. With all these words, I now return to relaxing. This lesson is the most useful and precious thing I had today. So I don't want to think different, by that I may loose it. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush, do you think so?

Mohammed Sayed, Egypt
1- A little bird told me that, you were flirting with a girl in the street.2- Mrs.Susan repeated the lecture many times, however John was a birdbraid.

Nona, Egypt
i think birds are very beautiful creatures there was alittle bird that used to came and sit in my balcony iused to put food for it and if iforget it usually maks a great deal of noise to take it's food

Patricia, Spain
'Who' is always the first question after beginning a sentece with 'A little bird told me...'. Why do always people ask that? Don't they get that you don't want to reveal your sources?

Dalila, Latvia
My gf is intelligent and smart but totally birdbrain in languages, I advise her this website in order she could brush up her english. I have some ideas where you can have a bird`s eye view of our city, one place is TV tower and other is a marvellous cafe on the top of the hotel. A litle bird told me tt you are very suspicious.

Jasmine, Taiwan
sorry,I forgot to write the name of my country...I hope I am not a birdbrain as making this mistake..

Paulo Rodrigo Teixeira, Brasil
I want to be inteligent too, not a birdbrain. =)

Do you know who is that boy sitting besides Chloe?Well, he is Brian and he is a very nice guy who is kind, knowledgeable and have a bird's eye view on everything.Oh, really? I thought he had a bird brain when he was in primary school..Well, I think he changes a lot after studying in the university. And you know what? He and Chole just start going out last month.Wow.. how do you know?A little bird told me~

A little bird told me that the teacher shall never be called birdbrain.

Dianita León, Colombia
I´ve a birdbrain to the languages, but I know that I should development a EinsteinBrain.BYE

Sometimes I must admit that I am a liitle birdbrain. I alsways forget what I shoudld and can not remeber what just happened. I hope I could have a bird's eys view. It maybe needs lots of social expericence. A little bird told me if I try my best, anything is possible! I like it.

Franko, Italy
I haven't completely understood the lesson. Do I have a birdbrain? A little bird told me it is better I study more!

Khadija, Morocco
A little bird told me that I should check the BBC Learning English website each week for interesting idioms. Then I won't feel like a birdbrain when people use these expressions.

YN, Thailand
A little bird told me that a birdbrain never have a bird's eye view.

Diego, Venezuela
I usually say "a little bird told me sth"... when I want to claim to my daugther in order to avoid she knows my wife has told me about the topic.

David Hernandez , Colombia
A little bird told me that the teacher will continue teaching and helping us to impruve our english skills . I hope so !!!!

Assia, Algeria
Very good and interesting idioms ,thanks a lot dear teacher .

Eriton, Brazil
I was looking for that rare bird, my math teacher, but the bird had flown. Later, I came to understand what had happened when a dolly bird walked up to me and said, rather dumbly, that she had heard from her she'd been transferred to another school. But I'm not stupid and have a bird'n eye view; the teacher was a birdbrain and should have been fired. Later, a little bird told me that she'd picked up a fight with the headmaster...What a poor old bird!! The headmaster isn't someone with whom I would pick up a fight.

"Oh birdbrained buddy, where have you been?""Greenland.""Who told you that?""A bird, of course."

Adriano Brazil
Birds are born to be free.Put a bird in a cage is such a cruelty.Don't you be a birdbrain person.Look at the sky and see, how beautiful is to fly.If have a bird eye view, you'll see how amazing it is.A little bird told that you are about to open all your's cage doors an let the bird leave.

Monoj, Bangladesh
Ever since graduated, i took upteem number of decissions but failed to do anything better in the life. I thought myself having a bird's eye view without paying attention to what my parents said. A little bird told one of my friends that i had considered myself birdbrain.

Rodrigo Abreu, Brazil
A little bird told me that my girlfriend didn´t believe you guys posted my comment on this page, on the horse´s edition. She thinks I am too birdbrained for that, can somebody help me? PLEASE!LOL!

Carmine, Italy
Thanks the teacher we are never birdbrain,LOL

Julia, Russia
When we climbed on the top of the mountain, we could have a bird's eye view of beautiful valleys.

Before I came here (Shanghai), I lived in a village where there were a lot of mountains, or not that large hills, especially our house which was surrounded by hills in three sides and another side was a path leading to the main road.(here I'm not sure if I can be well understood) I used to climb up to the top of the hills at weekend or in holiday, and have a bird's eye view of our village. I assure you that it's a completely different view, I had a larger field of vision and I could see the full-scale of the village and also I could see things much far away. I felt great. I like hills, I like mountains, and I enjoy climbing up a hill!

Algeria, Ratiba
a little bird told me that you have bought a new nice house in the countryside ,you can have a bird's eye view from its windows the landscape is terrific . in fact you are lucky, the bird said my cousin is a birdbrain too because he sold you such nice house so cheap

Ana Paula, Brazil
Your mother is very disappointed with you. A little bird told her, that you were caught cheating in the math test yesterday. Besides that, this little bird also told her that the teacher, who has bird´s eye view, said you are a birdbrain, because everybody knows that is nigh on impossible to cheat in his tests.

Monica, Brazil
Well, a little bird told me that my best friend is thinking of getting married to a blond girl whose intellectual reputation is not good. In fact, they say she´s birdbrained, poor thing! However,apparently she is loaded. So as you can see this friend of mine has a bird´s eye view!Could she be PH? I don´t know ask the little bird!!!Love,Monica

Valerie, Belgium
A little bird told me that you two love birds are getting your own little love nest. As long as you don't let it become a cucoo's nest, you'll be a happy chick!

Hugo, Colombia
It's good to have a bird`s eye to see that the best people in the world shoud have a birdbrain, so they can discriminate good from bad and act by themselves without waiting from others to tel them what they can do. Never say a little bird told me, but you just notice that you have to be a good human being first of all.

Israel, Brazil
I think the teacher has a bird's eye view!

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