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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


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- Slow London


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Commuters going to work

Many people love the excitement of living in a big city such as London. But for others, things happen a bit too fast - people seem busy and stressed all the time.

A group called 'Slow London' wants everyone in the city to slow down and take some time to relax. But what do people living in London think about all this? Is life in the capital really too fast?

You can download the script and audio for this programme from the 'Extras' section below.



to rush
to go somewhere or do something as fast as you can, without taking time to relax

he can't cut it
he's not strong enough to cope with it

I make it a part of my daily schedule
I give myself some time every day to do it
Example: I make swimming part of my daily schedule.

the pace
the speed at which things happen
Example: The pace of life in the city is much faster.

at a snail's pace
very slowly

'me time' (informal)
time you give to yourself to relax, do things you enjoy and take a rest from work, family or other obligations that take up your time
Example: I've been so busy this week, I could really do with some 'me time'.

it's all too much for me
I can't cope with it

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