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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- Friendliness on the tube


- Slow London


- British breakfasts


- Royal Albert Hall

A packed tube train
A packed tube train

The London Underground - also fondly known as 'the tube' - isn't really a place where you meet new friends and interesting people. Of course, thousands of interesting people travel on the tube every day, but as strangers don't speak to each other on the tube, it's highly unlikely that we'll ever meet them.

So why aren't people friendly on the tube? We went out to a nearby tube station to get some answers.

Before you listen to the programme, have a look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: What do passengers often do to help pass their time on the tube?
2: Why is it difficult to hear and be heard on the tube?
3: What type of person is 'a weirdo'?
4: What did Steve offer the other passengers on his tube train?


Vocabulary from the programme

the tube
the London public transport system which consists of trains that run on tracks under the streets of London

people who are visiting a country

people who pay to use a form of transport

people who we don't know can be referred to as 'strangers'

a small piece of confectionery made with sugar or sweet chocolate (known as 'candies' in American English)

to fancy
to have the feeling of wanting, liking or wanting to have something or someone, e.g. I really fancy some chocolate.

a jingle
a short, memorable tune that is used to advertise a product

nervous, worried and uncomfortable about what other people might think

a station or place where people get on or off a train or bus

Try the comprehension questions
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