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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- The Great Fire of London


- A Polish Londoner


- How to be a stand-up


- Polish food

Beetroot, a Polish staple
There are lots of Polish people living in London, so not surprisingly there are a lot of shops selling Polish food in England's capital city.

In this week's London Life we visit 'Polish Specialities' - a popular Polish delicatessen in west London. Magda Harvey is the manager and you can find out from her why she opened the shop and how successful it is. Learn more about why Polish people still love their Polish food, even when they are living in the UK, and just what do Poles think of British food?

Before you listen to the programme, take a look at these comprehension questions. You will hear the answers in the programme. Then why not try the London Life quiz - again the answers are in the programme as you listen.

1: Who encouraged Magda to open a shop?
2: Why is Magda's shop in a good location?
3: What do Polish people think of British food?

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You can also download the programme in mp3 format and follow it with a transcript.

Vocabulary from the programme

a deli, a delicatessen
a shop selling foods like unusual cheeses and cold meats

in great quantity, a lot

a boom
a fast increase or development in something - usually business

the value of goods sold by a business

a location
a place

a wholesaler
someone who buys goods to sell on to smaller shops and businesses

a warehouse
a large building where goods are stored or kept

these are put in food to make them last longer, so they can still be eaten a long time later

processed food
food which has been treated with chemicals to change it in some way

having no taste

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Learn more about Polish food
Find out more about the Polish community in London
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