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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- The Great Fire of London


- A Polish Londoner


- How to be a stand-up


- Polish food

Shappi Korsandi

Today we're talking about stand-up comedy.

A stand-up comedian is someone who stands up on a stage in front of an audience and tells jokes and funny stories to make people laugh. Shappi Korsandi describes herself as an Iranian comedian from London. BBC Learning English reporter, Clare Mace, recently spoke to her and asked her what it takes to become a stand-up comedian.

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

What expression means that you are not easily affected by criticism?

Which two words does Shappi use that mean you are slightly mad?

What advice does Shappi give to people who want to become stand-up comedians?


Vocabulary from the programme

stand-up comedian
someone who tells jokes in front of an audience

to have a thick skin
someone who is not easily made unhappy by criticism

to learn on the job
to learn the skills of a job while actually doing the job

to stick at something
to continue to do something for a long time

aspiring stand-up
someone who is trying to become a successful stand-up comedian

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