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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- The Great Fire of London


- A Polish Londoner


- How to be a stand-up


- Polish food

Aniela as a bride and as a child
Aniela as a bride and as a child (background picture of Poland from Karolina)
Who can blame us for loving London? It's a city where you can meet interesting people from almost every country in the world! Of course, many are just visiting but others come to stay. But have you ever wondered why those people have made London their home? And what may have happened to them on their way to the big city?

Today, we're told the story of a Polish lady's journey to London - and we hear a little history about her country along the way!

Before you listen to the programme, look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: Who is the lady?
2: What happened just before she was born?
3: What did she really love about the village where she grew up?
4: The lady managed to learn a skill in her village that became very useful later on. What was it and who did she learn it from?


Vocabulary from the programme

the outbreak of something
something that starts suddenly is an 'outbreak', e.g. a war or disease

very important, kept in mind

an ethnic mixture
a group made up of people from different backgrounds, e.g. belonging to different cultures and religions

to be deported
to be forced to leave a country by officials; people are usually sent back to the country where they were born or to the country they last travelled from

to get on with something
to continue to do something even if it's very difficult and help isn't available

a revelation
something that you suddenly find out about that's interesting or surprising to you

a place or country where it is very hot and often rains is described as 'tropical'

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