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  London Life 2005 / 6  
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Clive Owen
Clive Owen stars in Children of Men
In this edition, we zoom forward in time to consider a dynamic vision of London in the year 2027!

We hear a review of a new film, Children of Men, which is set in a dark and dangerous London-of-the-future.

In this fast-moving movie, global infertility means the human race is dying out.

Children of Men is based on a novel by the British thriller writer P D James and it's directed by acclaimed Mexican film-maker Alfonso Cuaron.

The film critic Nigel Floyd explains why Children of Men is such an exciting film and why he thinks it's really not so much about the future, but about today.


Vocabulary from the programme

a chase movie
a film with with lots of fast-moving action and with someone being chased or followed very quickly

a cautionary tale
a story which gives a warning

hand-held camera scenes
parts of a film which have been recorded with a camera held by hand. This gives the audience the feeling it is very close to the action which is going on in the film.

to be on the edge of your seat
if you're 'on the edge of your seat' when you're watching a film, you feel very involved in the action and probably rather scared!

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