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Made in Sheffield

The BBC Learning English team are on tour! This week 16th - 20th October we are visiting cities around Britain, meeting students and teachers.

One of the cities we are visiting is Sheffield. In this special programme we find out lots of interesting information about the city from Kate Betts, media consultant and Sheffield resident.

Listen out for the answers to these questions in the programme:

1: What industry is Sheffield well-known for?
2: What everyday items made in Sheffield do many people have in their kitchen?
3: Approximately how many trees are there in Sheffield?
4: What does Sheffield have in common with Rome?
5: What record is held by one of the city's football teams?



took off
became big and successful

The company really took off when their product was recommended on a television programme.

to rummage (around for something)
to look for something in a casual, disorganised way

After rummaging around in the cupboard I finally found my boots.

utensils used for eating such as knives, forks and spoons

dishes used to put food on and in such as plates, bowls and cups

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Learning English roadtrip to Sheffield
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