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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


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An angry man

Out of everyone in England, Londoners are now officially the most grumpy people in the mornings. Jackie Dalton asks why and finds out what kinds of things put people in a bad mood.

Before you listen to the programme, have a look at these comprehension questions; you'll hear the answers during the programme. You can also download and follow it with a transcript from the 'Extras' section at the bottom of this page.

1: What percentage of Londoners spend the morning in a bad mood?
2: What are some of the things that make them so grumpy?
3: Why does Judith think women are more grumpy than men?
4: What's Mike's advice to women?



to be grumpy
to be unfriendly and in a bad mood

to be sullen/surly/sulky
to be unfriendly and miserable

be be solemn
to be serious and formal

they are their own worst enemies
they create problems for themselves
e.g. women are their own worst enemies - they tell themselves they have to have a perfectly clean house, when really, it doesn't matter

to be chilled
to be relaxed and calm

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