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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- The real James Bonds


- English Speaking Union awards


- Rhyming slang


- Grumpy Londoners


- From City to Sea

On the beach in Brighton

In November, we published the following features:

The real James Bond
James Bond fever has swept the nation with the release of the latest movie, Casino Royale. But James Bond is only a fictional character. In this programme we meet two real James Bonds - officers who work for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Do real agents have a licence to kill? Does 'M' exist? And what about all those gadgets? We find out!

The English Speaking Union
The Duke of Edinburgh presented the 2006 English-Speaking Union (ESU) Awards at Buckingham Palace. But what is the ESU and what does it do? Find out in this edition of London Life.

Rhyming slang
Rhyming slang is an interesting form of vocabulary where you replace one word with another word from a phrase that rhymes. For example 'boat race' is rhyming slang for 'face' - so what does 'He's got a handsome boat' mean? Find out about rhyming slang and its history in this programme.

Grumpy Londoners
Out of everyone in England, Londoners are now officially the most grumpy people in the mornings. Jackie Dalton asks why and finds out what kinds of things put people in a bad mood.

From City to Sea
In this programme, we hear from a man who decided to escape London in search of a new way of life. He left his house in London behind, put on his sailor's cap and went to live on his boat just off the coast of Brighton, in southern England. Find out why and whether he has any regrets.

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