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  London Life 2005 / 6  
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Connie Fisher

Today we hear how a young woman called Connie Fisher succeeded in her dream to play one of the best known parts in musical theatre.

Connie took part in a recent television programme which aimed to find a new and previously unknown actress to play the part of Maria for the new production of The Sound of Music. Connie managed to beat many other hopefuls to be chosen to play the part in the world famous musical.

As you listen try to answer these questions.

1. How old is Connie?
2. How many people will watch the show every night?
3. What adjective does Cilla Black use to describe Connie?



the period when actors learn their lines before performing in public

opening night
the first public performance of a show

the person who directs the performers' movements into dances to be performed

the actors in the show

the person who tells the actors how to play their parts in a show


Try the comprehension questions
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