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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- City Farm


- Christmas at the Market


- Connie Fisher


- Indian Jewelry

Father Christmas

Christmas shopping on the high street can sometimes be very uninspiring if you're looking to buy unusual or special gifts. But London's markets can offer a solution. This week, we visit one London market which is famous for selling original and interesting products.

You can download a programme script and mp3 version of the audio at the bottom of the page.

Try to answer these questions as you listen:
1: What does Emily like about the market?
2: What kinds of Christmas decorations is Gary offering?
3: List three things that Diana likes about the people there.



to be creative
to be able to come up with new and different ideas

comes to the fore
becomes noticeable, important

festive times
times when people are celebrating - in this case, Christmas

Christmas decorations
pretty objects that people put up at Christmas to make their houses look festive

large deer with big horns which live in northern countries and are said to pull Father Christmas on his sleigh on Christmas Eve (the night before Christmas Day)

stylish, chic, dressed to party!

it's original
it's unsual, different, it hasn't been done before

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