London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- City Farm


- Christmas at the Market


- Connie Fisher


- Indian Jewelry

a sheep

Who said that London is all hooting taxis and rumbling buses?! Jackie Dalton finds out about a very different side to London, where pigs, sheep and donkeys roam freely.

We explore some animal-related vocabulary on the way.

Download the programme script and an mp3 version at the bottom of this page.

Try to answer these questions as you listen:
1: For how long has the farm existed?
2: Why was it set up?
3: What are some of the animals at the farm?
4: What else can you do at the farm?



a brewery
a place where the alcoholic drink, beer, is made

to bray
the loud noise which donkeys make

craft classes
places where you learn practical skills involving your hands, e.g. woodwork

baby cows

young cows who haven't given birth yet

to breed
to have children/offspring

for show
just to look at

to slaughter
to kill

he is not big on it
he doesn't do it/like it much
Example: He's not big on jazz music.

What do farm visitors make of it?

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