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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life
French in London

The London skyline, with the Eiffel Tower
London is the 'seventh biggest French city'
There are now over 300,000 French people living in London - which means that the city has a larger French population than Lille! Most of the newcomers are young professionals - but what is attracting them to the British capital?


Vocabulary from the programme

an opportunity
a chance to do something, especially to get a job
e.g. 'There are many opportunities for graduates in my company.'

here, your experience and personal history
e.g. 'I have a background in sales.'

NOTE: 'Background' now often refers to religious, class or race identity
e.g. 'You're welcome to work for us, whatever your ethnic background.'
'Our school takes pupils from all backgrounds.'

an adjective meaning varied or different
e.g. 'She has diverse skills - she's brilliantly creative, but she's very good with finances too.'
'American music is incredibly diverse.'

noun form of 'diverse'

NOTE: When people speak of 'diversity in society' they very often mean ethnic or religious diversity
e.g. 'London is a far more diverse city than it was ten years ago.'


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