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  London Life 2005 / 6  
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A boat on the River Thames

Watermen and lightermen do a very old and important job in London. But what is it? In today's programme we listen to a news clip about the job and learn some words connected with training and work.


You can download the script and audio for this programme from the 'Extras' section below.


Anything which is transported but which isn't alive

'Large quantities of freight used to be transported along the Thames'

an apprentice
Somebody who is working in a job and training at the same time.

'Derek became an apprentice to a local plumber'
'Geoffrey started his career as an apprentice at a carpentry company'

an apprenticeship
This is the period of training an apprentice does at a company at the start of his or her career.

to qualify
In the context of this story, people qualify for a job when they have the skills, certificates or experience they need to start doing it.

'After a six-month apprenticeship, Geoffrey qualified as a carpenter'

a regime
In the clip in this programme, a regime is a strict system which helps people achieve a goal

'I want to run a marathon next year so I'm on a training regime'.

Note that this word is also often used to describe systems of government which people think are bad.

'that way inclined'
This expression can mean that you are not very interested in something, or that you do not have the talent to do something well.

'I don't go to Church much - I'm not that way inclined, really.'
'I was no good at Art at school. I guess I'm just not that way inclined.'

This is the traditional accent of London's working people (who are sometimes called 'Cockneys').

'She grew up in the East End and has a strong Cockney accent.'

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