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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- Taxi!


- Camera Obscura


- Queuing


- Watermen and Lightermen


- Wine


In this feature Callum discusses the typically British pastime of queuing. Apparently attitudes, particularly in London, are changing to this essential feature of ordered British life! But why is this? Listen on to find out.


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a check-out
where you pay for the things you buy at a supermarket

the check-in
a desk at an airport where you show your ticket and passport to get your boarding pass before flying

in this day and age
an expression which means 'in this modern world with all it's technological advancements'. It's often used to highlight something bad about modern life.

I had to wait six months for my appointment with the specialist. In this day and age it shouldn't take so long to see a doctor.

it's down to (the fact that)
it's because of

The reason so many people are moving out of the city is down to high property prices

a convenience store
a small shop which sells many everyday items

to push in
to join a queue but not at the back, going in front of other people who have been waiting longer

to be irritable
to be angry and annoyed

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