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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life


- Taxi!


- Camera Obscura


- Queuing


- Watermen and Lightermen


- Wine

London Life

Our features for January were:

In a recent survey London taxi drivers were revealed to have the most stressful job in the country. But why is this? Find out about the life of a London taxi driver in this edition of London Life.

Camera Obscura
In this feature we visit a London primary school to hear about a very unusual new piece of playground equipment!

The Michael Faraday School is in the middle of a large council estate in South London. The children there now have a huge camera obscura in the playground. A camera obscura is a small, dark room into which an image of what is outside is projected using a small hole or lens. The children worked with a group of local architects to design their camera obscura.

In this feature Callum discusses the typically British pastime of queuing. Apparently attitudes, particularly in London, are changing to this essential feature of ordered British life! But why is this? Listen to find out.

Waterman and lightermen
Watermen and lightermen do a very old and important job in London. But what is it? In this programme we listen to a news clip about the job and learn some words connected with training and work.

In this programme we talk to a wine maker at London's Good Food Show. He describes one of his favourite drinks and explains what makes a good wine. As we listen to him, we'll explore some drink related language.
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